This is the part where I tell you “that story” right?

You know which story I’m talking about…

The one that reads like it could’ve been written by Tyler Perry. The one that would have at least one Tyrese song on the soundtrack. The one that leaves melanin challenged saying “aww, poor little black girl, but that’s how it is sometimes”.

Yeah, that story.

You know exactly which story I mean.

And here’s the thing, I have that story. Complete with the drug addicted mother, the childhood sexual abuse, and everything else they could throw into the next Madea film. 

And there’s a good chance if you hear one of my interviews, come to one of my speaking events, or preorder my book, you’ll get to take more of a glimpse into the details of that story. 

But for now…just for this moment…right here on this website:

Let’s choose something different. 

Instead of focusing on the pain and sadness of a black woman’s past, wrapping it up in a white Jesus bow, stamping her as “healed” and ending it all with a heartwarming gospel choir finale…

Let’s focus on the part where she decided she held the power.

Because you know what? I’m going to guess that like me, you’re tired of that other story. 

You’re ready for the part where she wins.

And honey, does she ever.

I’ve built an eight figure empire,
Started a family when it seemed virtually impossible (not to mention illegal).

Built my own legacy on my own terms, and after creating the kind of life that previously only existed in my wildest dreams, I was left with just one question:

Now What?

You help other women do the same damn thing, that’s what. 

Because whether you’re feeling that internal tug to build schools in Africa, write a scandalous tell all, or buy the damn Gucci bag, when one woman wins…we all win.

When you’ve honed in on the very tools and lessons that allow you to create, literally, whatever you want…this seasons Gucci bag kinda seems like small potatoes (it’s cute though).

That, is what I’m here for. That’s the real story  I’m interested in telling..



The one where you stop winning on “accident”.
The one where you no longer play small for the comfort of others.
The one where you thrive and break every chain that’s ever followed you and your family.

Is it easy? No. But it is simple. Does it require burning it all down and starting over? I’m going to be real, sometimes.

But not only do I know you have everything in you to make it through the journey, I know that it will be entirely worth it, and that future generations will thank you and remember you… As the one that decided to do it all differently. And that’s one story Madea got nothing on.