You aren’t different, You’re Chosen…

Even if you don't feel like it just yet.

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Issa Trap

Learn the 4 pitfalls that are keeping you stuck.

Chosen. And, no, I don’t mean that in the way Pastor James means it when he lays hands on you in front of the whole congregation and declares that White Jesus has chosen “a path” for you.



One that you’ll ultimately be punished for if you decide it’s not the one for you.

That ain’t the kind of “chosen” we do around here, sis.

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The type of chosen I’m talking about is when….

The higher power inside of you, the universe, the ancestors and every power in between decided that it would end with you.

That you would have a life free of doubt, free of playing small, free of fitting in the mold, free of chasing love that wasn’t whole-fully given back to you, free of mental, physical, and emotional disease….no matter where you came from or what you experienced. 

Because fun fact: playing small and staying comfortable will not hide the fact that you’re special.

“Wow, Nekeya, you gonna just call me out like that?”

Absofreakinglutely, because you have everything you need to create life on your own terms.

Maybe you spent more time than you care to admit proving to others they were wrong about you. Maybe you were like me and leaned all the way into your “different” label (because, hell, you weren’t tryna be like them anyway). 

Whatever your path looked like, whatever brought you here, I’m happy to have you.

I’m here to walk beside you, guide you, and inspire you through building a life that shatters any and all ceilings placed above you. Whether that looks like starting a healthy, mature and loving family of your own or making so much damn money you only have to go by one name like auntie Oprah…

We will get there together.

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My 8 Figure Story… My 8 Figure Story…
My 8 Figure Story… My 8 Figure Story…

I’m Nekeya,

And my story sounds a heck of a lot like your story. I mean it. Even with a successful empire and multimillions behind my name, I don’t care how many commas are in your bank account, I was given just as many tools (possibly even less) as you have in your life. 

Last I checked I didn’t have two brains or two hearts, which makes me a normal human…just like you. 

But we aren’t “Normal” are we? And perhaps the only thing different between you and I, is that I have fully owned just how “not normal” I truly am, and I will honestly declare to anyone I meet that a “Normal life” is the last thing I want.

But it didn’t always look that way.

In fact, it kinda looked a lil’ “Law & Order SVU” if I’m being honest. Remember when I said “my story is your story”?
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"My biggest take away is success is on the other side of fear"

Your Next Audience is Over the “Pretty Words”

You know the last thing your audience wants to hear at your next event? A f*ckin pep talk. And yet, that’s what women are offered time and time again. Surface level subject around “self care” and how “you can’t pour from an empty cup”. Yeah…we’re over it. Instead it’s time to have the conversations that make a real impact. The kind that has your attendees walking away from your event saying “this changed my life forever”. They don’t want to talk about the empty cup

They don’t want to talk about the empty cup…

They want to talk about the cup that’s so damn full the only thing we can do is pour from the overflow on the saucer…

They don’t want to schedule in a 30 minute face mask and call it “self care”...

They want to firmly and clearly prioritize their needs and say “NO” in a way that sends powerful ripples through every area of their life.

They want more, and if you’re willing to be the one to finally give them more at your next event..then we should talk.

Multicultural Melanated Women deserve a life of ease. 

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